A Timber-framed Encyclopaedia of Geometrical Carpentry Design

A4 297 x 210 mm / 28 pages / full colour

The timber framed porch built at Old Impton in Radnorshire in 1542 is carved with a virtuoso array of geometrical symbols and foliage panels. The two prominent and visually striking geometrical symbols, the interlaced squares on the left and circle of interlaced arcs on the right, are key to understanding the design of the porch for both are constructed on underlying compass-drawn geometries that function as proportional guides at every stage of the design's development. Here, the symbols are analysed and shown to be the geometrical basis for every element of the porch, from plan and elevation through to the frame's enrichment with numerous decorative geometries.

Additionally there is a jetty bracket carved with a full set of carpenter's tools including the square and dividers.