Parallel Worlds: A Response to Timothy Easton's Article in SPAB Magazine

A4 297 x 210 mm / 22 pages / full colour

This article is a response to an article of the same name, presented in the SPAB Magazine for Winter 2016. The SPAB article is by Timothy Easton who presents his extensive collection of geometrical symbols and other images found scribed or carved into the timbers or masonry of historic buildings. He considers all of these marks to have apotropaic meaning, their purpose to ward of evil spirits.This article is concerned solely with the geometrical symbols, revealing their intrinsic properties and showing how they can be drawn before going on to demonstrate how symbols can be developed to generate the floor plans and sections of historic buildings. Understanding the application of the symbols reveals that there is indeed a parallel world: the constructive world of master carpenters and masons who used the spatial language of geometry to design buildings of all scales, from houses to cathedrals.