Geometrical Design in Three Historic Welsh Frames

A4 297 x 210 / 36 pages / full colour

The three examples discussed in this article demonstrate the presence and evolution of geometrical design in a small area of north-eastern Wales between 1460 and 1832. The flow is clearly from early circle-based to later square geometries. Tŷ-mawr’s and The Hall’s first phase are pure circle geometries, Gwernfyda is a hybrid circle and square system and The Hall’s 1832 façade purely square. The Hall’s façade also records the fundamental shift away from geometry as the generative force behind three dimensional structure towards geometry used solely as a source of two dimensional pattern. Put another way, the trend marks the conceptual transition from compass and curved line design methods to measured ruler and straight line systems and the accompanying detrimental change from proportional to solely dimensional design.