Appleton Octagonal Pavilion, Illinois, USA

A4 297 x 210 mm / 62 pages / full colour

The idea of Appleton Octagonal Pavilion was proposed to Laurie Smith by Rick and Nicole Collins of Trillium Dell Timberworks, Illinois, USA when they visited him in England for a few days of geometrical study.The article documents the project from initial trans-Atlantic communication and geometrical design in England to practical workshop carpentry across the Atlantic at Trillium Dell Timberworks, where the timbers were laid out, cut and raised by a team of mainly American carpenters. A Canadian carpenter and French Compagnon carpentry trainees completed the group.The frame, constructed from timber felled at Trillium Dell, was transported on wheels to its home at nearby Appleton Community where it would function as a focal building for the local Volunteer Fire Service fund raising events. The frame was donated by Trillium Dell.