NAUTILUS - Historic Building Geometry

The photograph shows the exquisite interior spiral of the Mediterranean Nautilus shell. From its genesis at the centre of the shell, the creature and its spiral grow in unison through time. The simultaneous expansion of the shell’s external length and each cell’s internal width automatically generates the spiral. 

The Mediterranean Nautilus shell is an example of nature’s architecture built to a living geometrical design. Greek geometers discovered how to construct spiral geometry in 500 BC, a discovery as revolutionary as that of the DNA double helix in the 1950s, for both are blueprints for the geometrical architecture of life. 

The shell in the photograph fits an open hand. 

To see how Greek geometers constructed the shell’s internal spiral go to 


> Drawing the Golden Rectangle

    and Logarithmic Spiral 

> Dancing to Nature’s Geometrical Tune

    (pages 16 – 21)